7R Series of John Deere tractors debuts

John Deere introduces new tractor series.
John Deere introduces new tractor series.
A line of row-crop tractors, the 7R Series, was recently unveiled by John Deere and includes more emphasis on power, utility, ability to handle greater loads and driver comfort. These tractors have a number of the features of the bigger 8R Series, which makes them even more effective.

A 30 percent greater fuel capacity and 23 percent greater hitch-lift capacity distinguish 7R Tractors from the previous 7030 large-frame machines. An optional integrated front hitch and PTO is included in this new series, so the vehicles can handle front attachments, such as mowers and snow blowers.

"Along with being a very versatile tractor, the 7R is one of the most comfortable and easy-to-handle tractors in its class," says Jarrod McGinnis, division marketing head for the 7 family of Deere tractors. "Fingertip controls and improved steering and suspension features make it easier on the operators to spend longer days in the field, even under rough conditions."

McGinnis added that an external exhaust treatment filter will not be visible from the outside of the tractors, as this component is now under the hood.

In addition to tractors, John Deere provides products, such as used construction equipment, for businesses involved in building and development.