Ag expo features farm equipment of all kinds

John Deere tractors were on display at an agriculture expo.
John Deere tractors were on display at an agriculture expo.
New York's Willamette Valley Ag Expo drew hundreds of people, many of whom came out in order to take a gander at the variety of farm equipment on display.

One of those in attendance was Clarence Gerig, an 81-year-old resident of Albany, who told the Albany Democrat-Herald newspaper of his admiration for John Deere agricultural equipment. Gerig, who was described as a "hobby farmer," uses two John Deere models - an 80 and an 830 - on his 80 acres.

"We use them all of the time, of course, that’s only about four or five days a year," Gerig told the paper.

The work of 16-year-old Warren Seely was also featured at the expo. Seely built Lego copies of the agricultural equipment used on his family's farm. The multiple pieces of equipment were automated, powered by electric motors.

Along with farm equipment, this year's expo showcased more than 160 vendors and also offered a variety of classes.

The expo may have come as a welcome distraction to a number of farmers in the state of New York, where this year's harvest has been a difficult due to bad weather. That carries a trend featured across the nation, where moist ground has made it difficult to get farm equipment into fields.