Ag fair in Indiana makes old-timers feel right at home

A Northeast Indiana ag show featured an array of Deere tractors.
A Northeast Indiana ag show featured an array of Deere tractors.
John Deere tractors were well-represented at a Northeast Indiana ag show this past weekend, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel reports.

The 17th Annual Winter Tractor and Engine Show was in full operation as the industry's antiquated yet beloved pioneers share front and center with the most cutting edge tractors. Many enthusiasts saw the advancements and progress of farming from 1918 to the 1970s.

"Farming has evolved immensely from that point, so you see a lot of variety," said Rick Walker of the Maumee Valley Antique Steam and Gas Association.

World War II era tractors are different because they have metal wheels.

As corporate farms grew alongside family farms, smaller tractors were phased out.

More than 200 antique tractors were at the show, which also drew farm toys and small engines. Vendors also attended with small engine parts and vendors.

Retiree Lyman Newcomer crossed the border from Byron, Ohio to display a two-year-old model engine he constructed with parts he also built.

"I had to have something to do with my time, so I spend my time making model engines and model tractors," Newcomer told the publication.