Agriculture Statistics: Cotton Ginning Report for 2012

Cotton Production Reports for 2012
Cotton Production Reports for 2012

The USDA recently released the 2012 statistics of running bales ginned by crop, in the United States. According to the results, data from seven out of 17 states revealed an increased number of cotton ginning in the past year, along with a continually growing national number.

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas saw an increase of cotton ginning, which contributed to a nationwide cotton crop increase. The USDA statistics estimated the overall national number to be 12,271,500 running bales ginned. Several ginning states experienced a drought this summer which many cotton farmers feel reduced the cotton crops in some areas; their hope is for better rain and irrigation systems in 2013 to keep cotton growing plentiful.

According to the USDA, the survey process involved collecting the number of bales ginned on the 1st and 15th of every month; the USDA also conducts a final survey at the end of ginning season. All active gins are expected to provide the USDA with a report of bales ginned so that the data can be compared to historical estimates to check for consistency and errors.

Based on the 2012 collected data of running bales ginned, there will be no need for any gins to close down due to an excessively small harvest. Despite the relatively small margin of individual states that saw a growth in the number of running bales ginned, the national number continues to increase year over year and the same is expected for 2013.