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Agriculture Technology Continues to Evolve with JDLink Improvements

Monday, January 7, 2013

JDLink technology continues to evolve with expanded features
JDLink technology continues to evolve with expanded features

As the John Deere Company continues to expand its arsenal of features within its JDLink software, the end goal of the technology is to gather more data efficiently and increase profits for customers. This is according to a SAE article highlighting the John Deere technology that can be used on the farm.

In the past, the JDLink technology was used to communicate data about machine status and performance, which helped proactively support machines in the field. However, this is expected to evolve in the coming years. Chuck Schleusner, John Deere Product Line Marketing Manager for, says of the future, “We’re going to start to automatically transfer the data from machine to office (with the customer’s permission)—data around the agronomic productivity of the machine and the land. So where they maybe didn’t get this data until the end of year, they will be able to see how they’re progressing toward completing their work. They can see alerts about how the work is getting done. So if, let’s say, an operator is doing something counterproductive, the manager can see that on the web or on a mobile phone and call the operator and get them to adjust.”

The main benefit of the future improvements to the technology will be the immediate feedback being offered. With these improvements, farm managers will be able to have control over all agricultural machines and operations and make instant corrections when things are heading in the wrong direction.

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