Autumn gives opportunity for success on next year's lawn

Fall is a good time to handle some aspects of lawn care.
Fall is a good time to handle some aspects of lawn care.
Having used tractors throughout the summer, many homeowners may be glad to finally put them away after a season of lawn care.

However, though the leaves may be turning brown, fall is a good time of year to make sure grasses don't face the same fate during the next growing season. A recent article from notes that people should take advantage of the benefits autumn provides for lawns.

"Reinforcing your lawn now will produce a deeper, thicker root system leading into the spring growing season, making it more difficult for weeds," the report noted.

One thing lawn owners can do is to use an iron rake on dead spots on their lawn. After doing so, they should apply a small amount of fertilizer and then some grass seed. Some people may consider overseeding their grass, though that would require additional tools or the help of a landscaping company.

Recently, the Boston Globe noted that planting grass seed in the fall, especially September, gives lawns the chance to build deeper root systems, which could help during dry times in the summer.