British man used tractor to achieve speed record

A man recently set a speed record on a tractor.
A man recently set a speed record on a tractor.
Many who have used tractors in the past may not be satisfied with the pace of their machines, as they sit in the hot sun taking care of their lawns.

However, a British man has taken that desire to get a lawn mower moving faster to another level. Don Wales recently set the land-speed record for a lawn mower by running his machine at more than 87 mph.

That speed beat the team's previous record of just over 86 mph, which was set a few days before. Prior to the British run, the speed record for a lawn mower was set in America at just over 80 mph.

Along with achieving a record-setting pace for a lawn mower, the project has managed to raise funds for a charity that supports a hospital in the United Kingdom.

Although they probably won't achieve the speeds seen during the British run, a number of enthusiasts across the U.S. have used tractors at racing events. In fact, fairs in states such as Indiana have featured lawn mower races and have given amateurs a chance to race their own machines.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19801938-ADNFCR