Chickens may be able to lay more than eggs in order to help farmers

Chicken droppings may be used as fertilizer by some.
Chicken droppings may be used as fertilizer by some.
Using manure is nothing new when it comes to those who use farm equipment for a living, though where it comes from might be.

A recent report from USA Today features the concept of using chicken manure in order to fertilize fields. Take, for example, Josh Frye, a 44-year-old West Virginian who owns a poultry farm. Frye has a special incinerating machine that can take chicken manure and turn it into "biochar."

Biochar, which resembles charcoal, can be used as fertilizer in fields. One advantage of using it is that it keeps carbon out of the air, which would reduce greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

"I thought it was crazy at first, and my wife still thinks it's nuts," Frye said of the process.

Greener farming has been a topic that some producers - and the government - have looked into. For example, smaller farm equipment powered by electricity is one way to be more green, while the U.S. Department of Agriculture is examining ways to have more sustainable methods of producing crops.