Colorado man builds tractors, farm equipment that use solar power

A man in Colorado is making farm equipment powered by solar energy.
A man in Colorado is making farm equipment powered by solar energy.
The sun is essential when it comes to growing a lawn, and one Colorado man is using its power to keep his yard in order.

According to the Longmont, Colorado, Times-Call, Tom Lopez has used tractors that are mounted with solar panels. Through his modifications Lopez has developed farm equipment that can be powered by sunlight.

Lopez's most recent project is a riding mower that uses solar power. He told the paper that the machine still has a few kinks to be worked out, but once it's up and running it will be able to handle about 10 acres of lawn.

"It's basically all together but not totally debugged," Lopez told the paper.

Lopez has converted a number of different pieces of equipment to solar energy, including a garden tiller and walking mowers. He has also sold some of his inventions to clients across the country, and hopes to find a manufacturer that can build his solar-powered farm equipment.

Though solar power may not be very common for farm equipment, a number of auto companies have turned to the energy source in order to power systems in their vehicles. Those would include powering the air conditioning and interior lights.