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Connecticut farmers eligible for dairy assistance funds

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dairy producers in Connecticut may be able to get funds from the government.
Dairy producers in Connecticut may be able to get funds from the government.

People who use farm equipment have faced a variety of troubles this year, including weather and problems with prices.

However, some of them are getting help from the government. A recent report from the Associated Press noted dairy farmers in Connecticut are getting aid from federal funds through an agricultural spending bill.

The bill set aside $290 million in emergency funds for dairy producers. According to the report, about 150 farms in Connecticut could receive money through the bill.

Ned Ellis is one of those farmers who recently received assistance in the form of $8,500. With the money, Ellis was able to pay for things like feed and farm equipment at Mapleleaf Farm, which is located in Hebron.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in order for dairy farmers to be eligible for the Dairy Economic Loss Assistance Payment they must have produced milk at some point from February to July of 2009.

"Also, any dairy producer who has an annual average adjusted gross nonfarm income of more than $500,000 for calendar years 2006 through 2008 is not eligible for DELAP," the USDA noted.

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