Construction - John Deere 605K Crawler Developed from Customer Input

The new John Deere 605K Crawler Loader designed from customer input
The new John Deere 605K Crawler Loader designed from customer input

Developed heavily from customer input, the new John Deere 605K Crawler Loader aims to provide contractors with a machine that increases productivity and uptime and lowers daily operating costs. This is according to a recent John Deere Company press release highlighting specifics of Deere’s latest crawler.

The 605K loader features a John Deere Power Tech 4.5-L IT4/Stage IIIB diesel engine with a net horsepower of 110 hp at 2,200 RPM, delivering a productive combination of power and torque. The machine also features hydrostatic transmission, which provides the operator with infinite speed control, power management, live power turns, counter rotation while staying in gear, and dynamic breaking. The 605 has two bucket options: a general-purpose bucket or a 4-in-1 multipurpose bucket with lifetime lubricated pivot pins to help eliminate periodic services. To create a more comfortable ride as well as onboard diagnostics that offer real-time values for every temperature, pressure, and speed sensor on the machine, the new crawler features numerous in-cab specifications.

Jon Gilbeck, global product marketing manager for crawler loaders, John Deere Construction & Forestry, says of the 605K crawler: "On today's jobsite, crawler loaders continue to be the most versatile tool for moving materials, digging, backfilling, landscaping and loading trucks. The 605K provides the right balance of horsepower, bucket capacity, and breakout force for maximum productivity in the right-sized package, while lowering contractor input costs per yards of material moved."

The new crawler should help increase productivity and uptime while lowering overall daily costs due to its several unique features. It’s a versatile machine that will make moving materials and loading simple.