Corn mazes offer family-oriented fun

Corn mazes are popular across the country.
Corn mazes are popular across the country.
As farm equipment rumbles across the country preparing for this year's harvest, some people are finding themselves lost in a sea of corn.

Of course, doing so has a certain amount of purpose behind it, as farms across the country have opened their fields up to visitors in order to take part in what has become a yearly tradition - navigating a corn maze.

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun noted that thousands of farms across the country feature corn mazes.

"Most are small, privately owned attractions that help farmers maximize profits from the corn harvest," the Sun report said. "Most include other autumn-themed, family-oriented activities such as farmers' markets, hay rides and apple-bobbing games."

One maze featured in the article is at Sunrise Farms, which is a property located in Anne Arundel. The corn labyrinth was created by Utah-based The MAiZE, which has around 200 other mazes across the country.

In order to create a maze, the company uses a Global Positioning System in order to mark off paths. Workers then use farm equipment to keep the paths clear while the rest of the field grows corn. The company's first corn maze was laid out in 1996, and was the largest one in the country. The initial maze drew around 18,000 people during three weeks of that year.