Cutting lawn too short with used tractor can lead to grass damage

Knowing when to water a lawn can lead to better grass.
Knowing when to water a lawn can lead to better grass.
While out on their used tractors during the summer, people in different parts of the country are going to take to their lawns during warmer times of day.

This can prove to be uncomfortable for homeowners, while also being more difficult on their lawns, according to a recent report from Nashville's WTVF. David Bates, an expert at a local garden center, told the Tennessee news station that cutting a grass too short could hurt it, especially if the species is a cool-season variety.

Furthermore, Bates suggested that people not water their lawns during the hotter hours in the day, as this could prove fruitless.

"If you do it in the middle part of the day, a high percentage of it will evaporate away," Bates said.

Instead, property owners should water in the earlier hours of the day so the ground has a chance to absorb the moisture.

Other experts have noted that the type of grass people pick can plan a big part in how well a lawn survives the summer months. Mowing frequency and timing also plays a part.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19852959-ADNFCR