Deere manufacture unique drip line product in Australia

Deere developed an innovative drip line in its Melbourne plant.
Deere developed an innovative drip line in its Melbourne plant.
The unique irrigation industry in Australia helped John Deere choose the country for generating and marketing the farming company's drip line product, according to a published report.

Five years of research at the Deere production facility in Melbourne produced the D5000 flow-regulated drip line, which one Deere official said indicates the high regard the company holds for Australia and prospects in the nation.

"The worldwide launch of a drip line product in this country reflects John Deere Water's commitment to the Australian agricultural sector as growers strive for increased irrigation efficiency improvements," said Peter Wanckel, managing director for John Deere Water in Australia and New Zealand.

Designed with an ability to be custom configured for individual growers, the innovative device has a maximum diameter of 27 millimeters. That enables the D5000 to be of service for a longer duration, which crops such as almonds and cotton often require.

One of the D5000's stronger attributes is its resistance to clogging. Designers purposefully included foreign particles in the water source to determine how it would handle the challenge.

Adding value to the D5000 is its ability to self-clean, which enables it to continue flowing freely.