Deere marks 50th anniversary of farm equipment manufacturing in France

John Deere celebrated 50 years of production in France recently.
John Deere celebrated 50 years of production in France recently.
Farm equipment producer John Deere has had a global presence for some time, including research facilities in India and production lines in Russia.

Recently, the company marked its 50th year of production in France, an event that featured a speech from company president and chief executive officer Samuel Allen. Along with thanking the farm equipment producer's employees, the head executive noted the anniversary represents a time for change.

"France offered an opportunity, and filled a need for Deere to get more involved in Europe, beyond Germany," Allen said. "In the late 1950s and early '60s, Western European agriculture had begun to expand and offered great potential for the sale of agricultural machinery."

That same kind of opportunity now exists in other global markets, Allen said, which is why leaders at the agricultural equipment maker are taking another look at its expansion plans.

He noted that the company is going to focus its energies on the production of farm and construction equipment, as these present great opportunities for growth.

Emerging markets - such as Russia, India and South America - are seeing an expansion of both money and agricultural enterprises as they increase their presence in the world.