Deere will examine its options with wind power operation

Deere & Co. is looking at its wind operations.
Deere & Co. is looking at its wind operations.
A recent report from farm equipment manufacturer Deere & Company notes that it will review its wind energy business.

According to the agricultural equipment producer, the company has retained Goldman, Sachs & Co. as its advisor during the process of reviewing its wind operations. The company has engaged in wind energy projects for five years.

"Currently, Deere has 34 wind energy projects in seven states with operational capacity of 706 megawatts," a release from Deere & Co. said. "In addition, the company has numerous wind energy projects in development."

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, wind-based energy presents a number of attractive features. Along with "negligible" air emissions, wind-based energy systems do not produce a "substantial" level of solid wastes.

Though wind farms do require the use of a certain amount of land, that property can be used for other things. For example, cattle can graze on the land that houses a wind farm, which presents a benefit to ranchers and the environment alike.

One drawback to wind farms, however, is the fact that some people do not find them easy on the eye. Furthermore, they may produce noise depending on their size.