Effectiveness abounds with device for Deere sprayer

A new product enhances the productivity of Deere sprayers.
A new product enhances the productivity of Deere sprayers.
John Deere, the Moline, Illinois-based manufacturer of farm and agricultural equipment, has enhanced sprayers, according to a published report.

A Raven SmartBoom device comes with the most recent edition of the John Deere sprayer. The control system is good for trailed or mounted sprayers.

A GPS device also improves the machine's efficiency. The sprayer's boom control section can be changed and it will be aware if a sprayer is moving toward already treated regions. The device also prevents meandering to zones where no spraying is meant to occur.

The device joins the John Deere EL4 spray controller and sprayer while the SmartBoom also stands alone. Once activated, the system makes use of GPS information as well as a StarFire satellite in order to motivate the sprayer boom section. Depending on the user's preference, it also is capable of turning on or off.

The new system is a cheaper alternative, and it can be beneficial for users who are not necessarily in need of many features though they still can make use of and capitalize on an effective sprayer.