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Employees who used tractors to care for school district can't keep up with demand

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Schools in Alabama are having a hard time keeping up with lawn upkeep.
Schools in Alabama are having a hard time keeping up with lawn upkeep.

To save money, Alabama's Tuscaloosa County school system opted to not renew a contract for lawn care in the district.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, the system instead opted to hire two full-time workers to take care of the more than 33 schools, along with a number of other properties. While their effort is appreciated, the workers cannot keep up with the demands put forward.

"The schools have been understanding that we just don't have the manpower to keep it up like we had in the past," Gary Mims, who heads maintenance in the district, told the paper.

Mims noted that it may take the two workers as much as five or six weeks before they can get to a particular property. Some of the larger campuses require more than a day's worth of work with used tractors and other equipment.

The district isn't alone when it comes to trying to save money regarding lawn care. Some municipalities are cutting back on their used tractor driving as they see reductions in their maintenance staffs.

Other towns are enforcing fines on residents who have been too lazy to take their used tractor out to mow the lawn.

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