English police use Deere tractor to highlight theft prevention effort

A John Deere tractor is an English police department's partner against crime, joining the officers on exhibits where the machine outfitted with security devices draws attention for its efforts at helping prevent rural crime.

The tractor is equipped with devices to enhance its security, which viewers at exhibits cannot miss. The tractor serves as a demonstration as to what products help prevent the theft of tractors and other agricultural vehicles, according to the Leighton Buzzard Observer. Attendees at community events flock to the unique piece of farm equipment that does not chase criminals but does its part to fight crime.

"We intend to have the tractor with us at a number of our community events throughout the coming months," according to inspector Emma Garside. "It is hugely eye catching piece of kit which we hope will get people talking. We want to demonstrate how seriously the police are taking their responsibilities to reduce the numbers of stolen plant in the countryside."

As part of the effort to strengthen prevention, Thames Valley police offer discounts of 20 percent on security products that secure farm equipment.

"Preventing this kind of offence is far easier than detecting it," Garside said. "You wouldn't leave a £70,000 car insecure in the middle of nowhere and expect it to still be there in the morning. The same attitude must now be applied to agricultural vehicles."