Farm equipment sales down in August

Sales on farm equpiment have fallen in August.
Sales on farm equpiment have fallen in August.
According to the most recent report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), sales of farm equipment saw a drop in August.

During the month, a total of 11,038 farm tractors were sold in the country. That number represents a 27 percent drop compared to August of 2008, when 15,113 tractors were sold. For the year up through August, 110,710 farm tractors were sold, which is a 21.7 percent drop compared to the same timeframe in 2008.

Many different types of tractor saw drops in sales. For example, purchases of two-wheel drive tractors with less than 40 horsepower fell by 18.3 percent. Sales of more powerful machines also saw a decline, as purchases of tractors with two-wheel drive and more than 100 horsepower dropped by 38.8 percent.

Though sales of four-wheel drive tractors dropped when comparing August of last year to the same month in 2009, year-to-date sales of the machines have increased by 7.6 percent. Overall, 2,824 four-wheel drive tractors have been sold this year through August.

Self-propelled combines also saw an increase in sales. In August of this year, 1,094 self-propelled combines were sold, which is a 38.1 percent increase over August of 2008.

Recent reports have indicated that many farmers are pulling back from buying new farm equipment. According to the Associated Press, many farmers at this year's Farm Progress show stuck to looking at new farm equipment rather than purchasing it.