Farm equipment theft ring in Wisconsin

Auctioneers have been warned about a farm equipment theft ring.
Auctioneers have been warned about a farm equipment theft ring.
People in Wisconsin looking for used farm equipment should realize that authorities have issued an alert regarding a large theft operation in the state.

According to Madison, Wisconsin's WISC-TV, authorities have been warning farm equipment auctioneers to keep an eye out for the stolen equipment, which has been taken in a theft ring that centers in and around Dodge County. The thefts may have been going on for more than two years.

"According to investigators, the stolen property was popping up at auction houses in Dodge County and surrounding counties," the report stated.

Stan Jones is an auctioneer in the state who says he doesn't think he has sold any of the stolen equipment. The thefts, he says, highlights the fact that auctioneers need to be thorough and consumers need to know with whom they are dealing with when buying used farm equipment.

Authorities have said that the suspect in the case has not been charged, though they have been passed on to the county's district attorney.

According to the National Equipment Register, there are a number of ways people can keep their farm equipment more safe. Large equipment can be made safer by removing batteries and wires and by lower blades and buckets.