Farmer in Missouri recognized by Governor Jay Nixon

A Missouri man was honored for his ability to grow corn.
A Missouri man was honored for his ability to grow corn.
Missouri's Jerry Cox certainly has reason to crow, as he was recognized by the state's governor for his prowess with farm equipment.

Cox received an award from Jay Nixon for his efforts in corn growing. In the last 15 years, Cox and his son, Matthew, have placed in U.S. yield competitions 23 times. That includes four first-place results in the past half decade.

Nixon said farmers like Cox help move the state forward in its agricultural pursuits, thereby helping its financial prospects.

"Agriculture is the backbone of Missouri's economy, and growers like Jerry Cox are the reason why," Nixon said. "Missouri farmers feed, fuel and clothe world, and they also create jobs, support local businesses and help our communities thrive."

Having higher yields is the goal of many farm equipment users, and technology may provide a way to do so. Increasingly, producers are turning to computer- and satellite-based systems to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Doing so can not only result in better yields, but also helps a farmer's bottom line through maximizing seed, fertilizer and water application.