Farming with Technology: Mobile Devices Keep Farmers Connected

John Deere mobile device attachment for inside tractor cabs
John Deere mobile device attachment for inside tractor cabs

To keep pace with the evolving digital world, John Deere & Company has found a way to connect farming with technology, ensuring farmers and ranchers have access to resources at all times. According to a recent Deere news release, new brackets and mounts placed inside the tractor’s cab to hold tablets and smartphones make it easier and more convenient for operators to have hands-free access to mobile devices while operating equipment.

The Deere news release reported that these new attachments would enable operators to further connect farming with technology and would permit easy integration of mobile devices without interference with visibility or machine controls. The attachment design ensures a secure grip of all mobile devices even on rugged terrain and is customized to fit the operator’s specific cab requirements.

Tyler Rouse, senior marketing representative for John Deere Tractor Parts, said "These brackets and mounts are designed to allow operators to access a wide variety of different mobile devices while in the cab of the tractor, combine, sprayer, or other machine… These mounts make it convenient for customers to incorporate these devices into their cabs while maximizing visibility, accessibility, and operational efficiency."

John Deere & Company offers a variety of digital apps, online resources, and programs that open up the gates of communication and further connect farming with technology. With the addition of these new mobile attachments, farmers and ranchers can easily access any digital resources they need and remain in communication with dealers while maintaining operational productivity and safety.