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Georgia agriculture expo features new farm equipment

Friday, October 23, 2009

Farmers got a look at agricultural equipment at a Georgia expo.
Farmers got a look at agricultural equipment at a Georgia expo.

Farm equipment was one reason why people came to Georgia's Sunbelt Ag Expo, which was held recently.

However, a report from Georgia television station WALB noted that some farmers at the expo were also talking hay while seeing what new agricultural equipment is being offered. The station noted that regions of the country are going through a hay shortage.

Guy Hale is a Florida hay farmer who was interviewed by the television station. Hale said he has had requests for hay come from states like Kentucky. Going to the show gives Hale the chance to compare hay information with other farmers. It also gives him a chance to check out farm equipment.

"We've got where we stay up on the new equipment and stuff," Hale told WALB. "It's improving very quickly and if we can afford it we try to change."

Improvements in agriculture equipment are also helping farmers when they take to their fields. Developers at John Deere have created new lighting systems for their tractors, which better illuminate the fields farmers are working on.

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