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Georgia farmer's tractor runs on vegetable oil

Monday, November 30, 2009

A man in Georigia is working on recycling vegetable oil to use in his tractor.
A man in Georigia is working on recycling vegetable oil to use in his tractor.

Many people are trying to be more ecologically friendly, which also applies to some who use farm equipment.

A recent story in Georgia's Savannah Morning News featured the efforts of Bill Lynes, a farmer whose used tractor runs on vegetable oil. Recently, Lynes partnered with Chatham County in order to collect left over oils that might come from people cooking their Thanksgiving dinner.

The county's interest in the venture is the fact that cooking oils can clog sewage systems. David Nash, the environmental program coordinator for the county, told the paper that discarded oils can clog up the system.

"It's imperative not to put grease down the drain," Nash said to the paper. "It's a slow killer."

In order to make the partnership possible, Lynes set up an oil collection system at the Wilmington Island Recycling Center. People can drop off oil there, which Lynes will be able to use to power his diesel tractor.

Tractors aren't the only vehicles that can be converted to run on biodiesel. A recent report from MSNMoney notes that many people have turned to making their own biodiesel, which they use to power cars.

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