Google turns to goats for lawn care

Goats have been brought in to take care of Google's lawns.
Goats have been brought in to take care of Google's lawns.
Rather than having used tractors, the largest search engine company in the world turned to another option to take care of an overgrown field.

Google's famous innovation shines through again as it brings in more than 200 goats to take care of fields near its headquarters in Mountain View, California. According to the company's official blog, the purpose of unleashing the goats is to help the company reduce its carbon footprint.

"The cost of bringing in the goats is comparable to hiring lawn mowers for the same job and the green benefits are clear: the goats eliminate mower emissions, reduce noise pollution, restore plant species and fertilize while grazing," the post said.

Of course, most people don't have the luxury of bringing in goats to take care of their lawns, though they do have options if they want to do so in a more environmentally friendly way. While some may consider electric mowers, regular tractor maintenance can lead to better mower performance.

By having clean air filters and sharpening cutting blades, tractor owners can not only reduce their emissions, they can also cut down on the amount of gas they use while keeping their lawns tidy.