GPS company signs deal with John Deere to produce automated steering system

John Deere equipment to get automated GPS systems
John Deere equipment to get automated GPS systems
John Deere planters and other products will benefit from the availability of a new GPS-based automatic steering system produced by Hemisphere, the two companies announced recently.

Kip Pendleton, senior vice president and general manager of agriculture at Hemisphere, said the deal would offer farmers a powerful new tool.

"Our success at developing precision farming solutions for all types and brands of farm machinery means nearly all farmers can benefit from the productivity gains of our Outback Guidance products," he said.

The technology can direct farm equipment "to centimeter-level accuracy," Hemisphere said, with the result that seeds can be planted more precisely and chemicals can be applied only to the needed areas. The system also reduces driver fatigue, according to the company, and helps increase productivity and cut costs.

The announcement of the deal with Hemisphere represents a continuation of John Deere's policy of improving the technological offerings that work hand-in-hand with its well-known agricultural products. The company also recently debuted a powerful new management system that should allow for the automation of many analysis and evaluation tasks.