Grass seed from Massachusetts finalist in contest

A new kind of grass from Massachusetts is part of a contest.
A new kind of grass from Massachusetts is part of a contest.
Used tractors may be put away soon in favor of shovels and snow blowers. However, there is still some time to lay down some grass seed and take advantage of fall's favorable growing weather.

In doing so, consumers may consider a new type of seed that was developed by a Massachusetts man. Jackson Madnick, of Wayland, told television station NECN he created Pearl's Premium Low Maintenance Grass Seed because he hated all the work and chemicals involved in maintaining a yard.

"Our lawn only needs to be cut once a month, seldom or never needs to be watered after it's watered to get established, and never needs chemical fertilizer," Madnick told NECN.

The grass seed is a finalist in a Massachusetts-based contest that grants new companies funds to get their businesses up and running. A winner will be declared in the Mass Challenge competition toward the end of October.

And as that happens, people around the country may consider taking advantage of this time of year to care for their yards. Cooler temperatures can help grasses expand their root structure, thereby making them more prepared for the spring growing season.