How people used tractors could affect lawn growth

A lawn's growth can be influenced by how people used tractors.
A lawn's growth can be influenced by how people used tractors.
Homeowners who have used tractors to care for their lawns can take up practices that will benefit their property's grass.

In a recent piece for Minnesota's Detroit Lakes Tribune, University of Minnesota representative Jim Stordahl noted that how owners used tractors on their lawns can affect turf health. One suggestion he makes is to have mowing blades that are sharp will lead to grass that grows better.

"Continually scalping turf seriously weakens grass plants, leaving an opening for weed invasion," Stordahl wrote.

He said lawns should be cut down to between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. Doing so will help keep sun away from the soil and impede the growth of weeds.

If grass growth increases suddenly because of increased rains, lawn owners should progressively reduce the blade height on their used tractors. Trying to cut taller grass to the desired level at one time could put pressure on the plants.

Other experts note that people should avoid walking on their lawns after excessive rains. Doing so could compress soil, which will kill grasses. Other preventative measures for properties include clearing debris like tree limbs and leaves.ADNFCR-2034-ID-19748646-ADNFCR