How to deal with having a large lawn

There are ways for homeowners to cope with having a big lawn.
There are ways for homeowners to cope with having a big lawn.
As the summer winds down, many people across the country may have used tractors on their lawns.

However, some yard owners may wonder when having a lawn may be costing more than it's worth. A recent posting on the Christian Science Monitor's Diggin' It blog noted there may be things people can do if the size of their lawns edges on the large end of the scale.

One of the concerns with having a big lawn is the amount of water and chemicals it takes to keep it green and healthy. One thing people can do is plant clover in their lawns. Clover helps put nitrogen back in the soil, which helps grass grow.

Changing the landscape of a lawn may also help when dealing with high water bills or watering restrictions put forward by local governments.

"Consider the possibilities of substituting handsome hardscaping that will add a tremendous value in curb appeal," the blog noted. "Keep water-wise plantings - maybe in raised beds - to frame your house."

Lawn owners may also consider getting a mulching blade. Those who have used tractors with a mulching blade may notice that leaving clippings on a lawn can help it stay greener.

Knowing how to mow is also important when dealing with lawns. Better Homes and Gardens suggests that yard owners avoid cutting off more than a third of the lawn's height, and should mow often enough in order to sustain that practice.