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Illinois teen takes to the field to repair farm equipment

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Farm equipment repair is one of the specialties of a teenager in Illinois.
Farm equipment repair is one of the specialties of a teenager in Illinois.

One of the more taxing problems a farmer can run into is agricultural equipment breaking down.

However, there are people out there who may make the ordeal a bit easier to handle, as is the case with Brian Haas. The 19-year-old was recently featured in Illinois' Belleville News-Democrat for his efforts in answering calls to fix broken farm equipment.

"I always rode in the tractors when I was young," Haas told the paper. "And then when I was able to run tractors myself - in about fourth or fifth grade - I would work ground or bale hay."

Haas works for a local firm that goes out into the field for emergency repairs, whether it be for a combine with a broken axle or fixing a busted gearbox.

For his abilities in fixing farm equipment, Haas won an award from the Future Farmers of America, which included $1,000. He plans on attending a local community college in order to further hone his skills.

And though people like Haas may be out there to help a farmer out when their equipment breaks, there are plenty of things producers can do to avoid needing his services. In order to make sure farm equipment stays in the best shape, owners should make sure they follow the guidelines put forward in their equipment manuals.

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