Indiana farmer continues to take used tractor to field

Older, used tractors still get use by some farmers.
Older, used tractors still get use by some farmers.
John Siscel Jr. has been involved in using farm equipment for much of his life, which has reached 87 years.

A used tractor given to him by his father, which his grandfather bought decades ago, still makes its presence felt on his land. Siscel, who resides in Indiana, was recently featured in a piece from that state's Evansville Courier & Press, where he told the paper he employs the used tractor in order to save money.

"I'd do the same thing if I had a million-dollar tractor out here," Siscel told the paper.

However, the older farmer noted that newer pieces of agricultural equipment do make the job of producing crops easier, especially with how wide they are. They are a far cry from where he got his start, using an tiller to do his work in the field.

While new equipment may appear attractive to some, others still enjoy the allure of older, used tractors. In fact, many farm shows across the country every year make it a point to showcase antique equipment in an effort to connect modern audiences with the nation's agricultural past. ADNFCR-2034-ID-19770595-ADNFCR