Integrated software suite from John Deere provides powerful new option for farm management

New technology allows agricultural equipment to communicate
New technology allows agricultural equipment to communicate
A new set of monitoring and automation programs can help farmers drastically improve the efficiency with which they plant and harvest, John Deere announced this month.

Available from one's local John Deere dealership, the FarmSight system provides for help with agricultural decision-making and the optimization of logistics and machinery, the company said, ensuring that farmers get the most out of their crops. For example, the system can track maintenance and repair issues on farm equipment and alert operators before a problem becomes critical.

John Deere director Jerry Roell said in a statement that the FarmSight technology represents a breakthrough in agricultural efficiency.

"The John Deere FarmSight global suite of solutions uses integrated, wireless technology that links the equipment, owners, operators, dealers, and agricultural consultants to provide even more productivity to your farm or business," he said.

John Deere stated that the gains in efficiency and smooth operation provided by FarmSight are designed to translate directly into increased profitability for farmers, meaning the system could quickly offset the initial investment costs.