John Deere and GUSS Automation Debut Electric GUSS

John Deere and GUSS Automation revolutionize orchard operations and efficiency with the debut of Electric GUSS.
John Deere and GUSS Automation revolutionize orchard operations and efficiency with the debut of Electric GUSS.

In a significant step forward for high-value crop growers, in collaboration with GUSS Automation, John Deere recently unveiled the Electric GUSS – the first fully electric autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer.

The Electric GUSS builds on the foundation laid by the autonomous GUSS herbicide sprayer introduced in 2023. Its fully electric and autonomous nature allows farmers to manage multiple sprayers remotely, boosting productivity, upscaling labor, and aiding farms in achieving sustainability objectives with reduced emissions and improved application precision.

Pinpoint Spot Spraying and Weed Detection

A revolutionary feature of the machine is its spot-spraying weed detection system. It can identify weeds by detecting chlorophyll and spray only where needed. This advanced application technology can lead to material savings of up to 90%, depending on weed presence, and offers multiple benefits, including lower operating costs, reduced material drift, increased sustainability, and improved safety for farm workers.

Full Shift, One Charge with KREISEL Batteries

The Electric GUSS, powered by KREISEL batteries, can operate for an entire shift on a full charge. Its integration of GPS, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), and proprietary technology ensures accurate coverage. It allows a single operator to manage up to eight machines simultaneously from a laptop, enhancing safety and reducing operator exposure.

Practical Design Application

The design of the electric option is both practical and innovative. Measuring 23'6" in length and 6'4" in height, with an adjustable operational width, the Electic GUSS is equipped with height-adjustable spray and breakaway booms to prevent crop damage.

More Power and Intelligence to the GUSS Family

John Deere has also updated its diesel-powered Orchard GUSS and mini GUSS autonomous blast sprayers with the Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Control System™. It was acquired in 2023 and enables precise spraying based on tree size and foliage density, potentially saving up to 50% in chemicals and water.

Field operations aren’t getting any less complicated — innovations like Electric GUSS and Smart Apply can help transform how you approach herbicide spraying and application. A John Deere dealer can help you discover the tools you need.