John Deere announces availability of new Class 4 sprayer

Deere unveils new version of acclaimed sprayer.
Deere unveils new version of acclaimed sprayer.
Improving on a great number of the specifications on the current model, John Deere's 4940 Self-Propelled Sprayer is set to become the most cutting-edge crop product applicator for this year's growing season. The new model sprayer is outfitted with superior technologies that more efficiently fill up, and apply, dry or liquid material.

Kayla Reynolds, Deere marketing manager for global application equipment, spoke about the process for updating their successful self-propelled sprayer.

"Guided by customer input, we've made the new 4940 the smartest, most productive, flexible and precise application system available from John Deere," she said. Reynolds added that the company's patented quick product-loading technology, along with "the faster dry application speeds, integrated Direct Injection, and improved weigh distribution, helps producers and ag service providers spray more acres in less time and get the best possible utilization of their sprayer assets."

This example of agricultural equipment also features crop clearance of 50 inches, a driving cab equipped with GreenStar CommandView software, and a drybox spreader that allows farmers to use the machine in three seasons.