John Deere Announces New 6M and 6R Series Tractor Models for 2015

Deere's 6M Series tractors are well-suited for a number of chores around the farm.
Deere's 6M Series tractors are well-suited for a number of chores around the farm.

John Deere announced on April 1 that it has expanded its lineup of 6M and 6R Series Tractors for the model year 2015. Now, these tractors offer producers an even wider range of horsepower, frame sizes, transmissions and hydraulics.

In addition, John Deere has introduced new R-Series Front Loaders, designed to match all Final Tier 4 6M and 6R Series Tractors.

"Our objective is to continually expand our tractor line to meet a wide variety of customer needs, yet be able to offer the same proven performance, reliability and service standards in every 6 Family model," said Kory Ross, mid-tractor product manager for John Deere.

6M Series Tractors

The 6M Series are suited for tasks such as haying, feeding, material handling and other fieldwork. They can operate at speeds ranging from creeper speed to 25 miles per hour for fast transport.

The seven 6M models are now available in a wide variety of frames. Small-frame models are the 6110M, 6120M and 6130M; the 6145M and 6155M are mid-frame models; and the 6175M and the new 6195M are large-frame models.

6R Series Tractors

These tractors have additional horsepower, cab and control options for larger chores out in the field. They also have a Generation 4 CommandCenter, as well as PFC hydraulics with up to six selective control valves.

The 6R models also now come in a wide selection of frames. The small-frames are the 6110R, 6120R and 6130R models; the mid-frames are the 6145R and 6155R models, and large-frames are the 6175R, 6195R and 6215R.

R-Series Front Loaders

The new R-Series Front Loaders have an automatic mast latch system and side-slung leveling links for enhanced operator visibility.

Agricultural professionals who want to learn more about these new pieces of John Deere equipment can contact their local John Deere dealer.