John Deere App Center to Help Equipment Owners Find Useful Business Tools

The John Deere App Center will serve up apps in an effort to increase performance and productivity.
The John Deere App Center will serve up apps in an effort to increase performance and productivity.

John Deere recently announced that it has made the John Deere App Center available on the iTunes, which is designed to provide equipment owners with the ability to search and find apps that may be most useful to their business.

Once downloaded, John Deere equipment owners can share the apps on social media, provide feedback, and develop apps for the future.

"This new tool offers applications that will help users increase the performance and productivity of their equipment," said Pat Pinkston, vice president of technology and information solutions in the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. "Other apps will be available to help manage many jobs within their operation while helping to improve overall efficiency for their work or farm site."

Pinkston went onto say that this is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to technology and its integration into John Deere equipment users’ lives.

"In this age of wireless data transfer, data-enabled agriculture, and new data technologies in machinery, we will be offering many more apps in the future with additional features to help our customers,” Pinkston continued.

The Case for Broadband Expansion

In October 2014, the Federal Communication Commission adopted a “Report and Order” strategy to promote the deployment of advanced wireless broadband services. This move showed the FCC’s efforts to encourage locals to comply with companies looking to add or improve wireless service.

“Taken together, these steps lay the groundwork necessary for delivering more wireless capacity in more locations to consumers throughout the United States,” stated the FCC. “At the same time, it adheres to statutory obligations to protect the environment and historic properties, and it safeguards tribal, state, and local land-use priorities as well as safety and aesthetic interests.”

This FCC’s decision came shortly after John Deere managers voiced their advocacy for rural broadband access across the country alongside FCC representatives in Maryland.

“Technology makes farms more productive and efficient,” said FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai at the event. “That can provide a shot in the arm to the economy. And it all depends on wireless connection.”