John Deere & The Great American Wheat Harvest
John Deere & The Great American Wheat Harvest
John Deere recently announced it will be the leading sponsor for “The Great American Wheat Harvest” documentary directed by Conrad Weaver of ConjoStudios.

The sponsorship will help fund the film, which focuses on the story of hard-working farmers who travel across the Great Plains to harvest the wheat that helps feed our population. John Deere products, such as combines, play a large role in wheat harvesting, and this sponsorship is a way for Deere to thank farmers across the country.

Barry Nelson, manager of media relations for the John Deere Ag and Turf Division, says, "We want to thank and honor those farmers whose mission it is to provide healthy and nutritious food to a growing world population. We recognize the value of supporting a documentary film like the ‘Great American Wheat Harvest’ to further open the dialogue between producer and consumer and to demonstrate how we bring food from the field to the market."

Conrad Weaver understands the effects John Deere and its dealerships have on the harvesting industry, and is thrilled to have Deere as a sponsor. "The folks at John Deere are the hard-working, pioneering, kind of people who we are featuring in our film. We're thrilled that they have joined us in telling the ‘Great American Wheat Harvest’ story," he says.

Deere products are a large part of the harvesting process and this sponsorship is an opportunity for the Deere company to extend is gratitude to farmers and harvesters, who produce for the nation’s growing population.