John Deere Dominates Brand Loyalty Among Midwest Farming Base

John Deere users are among the most loyal brand enthusiasts
John Deere users are among the most loyal brand enthusiasts
According to an article from the Wisconsin State Journal, Midwest tractor users feel a strong sense of brand loyalty and John Deere products rank highly among farmers. The article highlights survey findings collected from 2,000 Midwest farmers by Farm Equipment magazine.

The article shows that 65 percent of farmers describe themselves as brand loyal when purchasing tractors, field equipment, or combines. The majority of these brand loyalists are shown to favor John Deere products, as 67 percent identified John Deere as their primary brand and more than three-quarters (77 percent) of Deere purchasers consider themselves brand loyal. Case IH was cited as a primary brand for 17 percent of respondents, and 9 percent cited New Holland. These results reinforce that the John Deere brand is the most recognizable name and color in modern agriculture.

From the news article, Barry Nelson, manager of media relations for John Deere, says, "The No. 1 thing people think of when they hear John Deere is the color green. But some people, like in the urban areas, don't understand the strength of the color green or red. Farm families grow up with these different brands and the color is important. It's what they identify with."

The John Deere brand garners significant brand recognition and loyalty among agricultural equipment users, according to the Wisconsin State Journal article. Farmers have grown to trust the green and yellow colors of Deere, and will likely continue to be loyal to the brand in the future.