John Deere Field Connect Environmental Sensors to Simplify Production

New environmental sensors add more data to John Deere Field Connect offerings
New environmental sensors add more data to John Deere Field Connect offerings

With the introduction of new John Deere Field Connect environment sensors, producers of various agricultural crops this spring will have the opportunity to obtain a more complete picture of the environmental factors impacting their land. John Deere & Company recently announced the new environmental sensors in a company press release.

According to the press release, the new environmental sensors will include Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Temperature Sensor, Pyranometer, and a Leaf Wetness Sensor, which can all be installed in customer fields as part of the Field Connect Gateway. The current John Deere Field Connect system supplies producers with soil moisture data, but the new sensors will add data with regards to wind speed, wind direction, humidity, solar radiation, leaf wetness, and rainfall.

Nicholas Shafer, product manager for the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, says in the release, "With this detailed site-specific information, producers are able to more efficiently utilize water resources, as well as schedule and perform other agronomic practices dependent on soil and environmental conditions. This results in more efficient use of inputs, fuel and labor saving and additional yield potential from the crop."

The new environmental sensors will add to the existing Field Connect system, which collects data that is transmitted to a secure website for viewing while allowing producers to set alerts based on specific set parameters to identify trends in the field. "These sensors provide key information to producers, helping them to make better agronomic decisions that will pay off with higher yields at harvest," Shafer says.

With the addition of the new environmental sensors to John Deere Field Connect, producers of agricultural crops will be offered more data to optimize the productivity of each field.