Improving Farms With John Deere Field Connect
Improving Farms With John Deere Field Connect
John Deere could have just simplified crop production for farmers across the country with the announcement of its “Field Connect,” which monitors soil moisture levels from various points to ease the process for producers.

As drought and severe storms have become a theme in the past year, this system could be of great value for crop producers, streamlining the crop management process with a variety of unique features. According to the announcement, the Field Connect includes three different probe options, solar panel, as well as a satellite and cellular data connection. This allows producers to set alerts based on customized parameters, which will then be transmitted to a secure website for viewing. Multiple sensors can be placed at different depths for measuring volumetric soil moisture levels. The system will also create graphs, which will show the producer water movement within the selected profile over a period of time.

Nicholas Shafer, product manager for the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, says of the system, "Knowing exactly how much water is in the soil and at what depth is becoming even more important to producers as they try to manage water resources most efficiently for maximum yields.  John Deere Field Connect is the latest tool they can use to help them optimize inputs, reduce crop stress from too much or too little moisture, and manage fuel and other costs in producing their crops."

This latest tool for farmers will help streamline the soil moisture monitoring process to optimize production by attending to areas that need attention at any point in time. Field Connect’s unique features give farmers added time to focus on other areas of their crops with this automated process in place.

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