John Deere Forestry Equipment Adds New Wheel Weight Package

John Deere Forestry adds new wheel weight package
John Deere Forestry adds new wheel weight package

John Deere forestry equipment has introduced a new addition for its machines which will improve productivity for loggers. John Deere’s new wheel weight package was recently introduced on the Deere website, and will increase the load weight which John Deere machines are able to pull.

The new optional wheel weight package kit offers up to 1,900 pounds to the front of capable machines, which include the John Deere 640H Cable Skidder, 648H, 748H, and 848H Grapple Skidders. Brandon O'Neal, product marketing manager at John Deere Construction & Forestry, says, “This is a simple solution that increases machine capabilities to help our customers become more productive on the job. Loggers will see a substantial difference in the load weight they are able to pull with the heavier set of wheels."

The new weight package is made for the front two wheels of the machine only and requires the use of dual ring wheels and SWEDA axles. New wheels with a dual ring allowing the use of 35.5 tires are available with the weight package. Weights and all mounting hardware for one set of wheels are also included in the kit.

This new addition to the John Deere Forestry equipment arsenal will enable loggers to increase the load their machines can pull, which will boost productivity. This is just the latest enhancement the Deere Company has introduced to help simplify forestry jobs.