John Deere Introduces 5 New Products to Its Residential Mowing Line

The John Deere S240 Sport is one of the new residential mower options designed to
The John Deere S240 Sport is one of the new residential mower options designed to "give time back to your weekends."

John Deere recently announced that it has added five new models to its residential mowing line. The new lineup features the John Deere S240 Sport lawn tractor and extensions to the Select Series, 100 Series, and EZtrak lines.

"We know weekends are precious," said Kim Ridel, product marketing manager at John Deere. "Whether you enjoy the time spent on your mower smelling the fresh-cut grass or you just need to get the mowing done, John Deere has the right mower for you."

John Deere S240 Sport Lawn Tractor

This lawn tractor has a powerful 18.5 horsepower V-twin Kawasaki FS Series engine, in addition to a K46 hydrostatic transmission and electric power take-off engagement. Larger tires and a premium steering wheel also make it simple for operators to maneuver.

John Deere X590 Select Series Lawn Tractor

With this machine, users will be able to use constant-speed governor technology to tackle high grass. It also has an uncut trim radius of 13 inches, and a Kawasaki FS Series engine with electronic fuel injection.

John Deere D155 Riding Lawn Tractor

This tractor has a 48-inch deck and a powerful 24 horsepower V-twin engine. With its hydrostatic transmission and two-pedal foot control, steering is comfortable and easy for operators.

Z435 EZtrak Mower

The Z435 EZtrak mower has a zero-turn radius that reduces mowing time and makes it easy to get cutting done in a short amount of time. A 48-inch and 54-inch deck are available for this model, which has a 25 horsepower cyclonic engine and reaches speeds of 8.5 miles per hour.

Z625 EZtrak Mower

The Z625 model also has a zero-turn radius and a 21-inch seat for additional comfort. It features a high-capacity mower deck for the utmost efficiency.

Each of these new additions to John Deereā€™s residential mowing line are designed to offer an option for all customers, regardless of budget or lawn size.