John Deere Introduces Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 Utility Vehicles

Each of the new Gator models may be customized to include GreenStar™ Ready and add a StarFire® receiver.
Each of the new Gator models may be customized to include GreenStar™ Ready and add a StarFire® receiver.

John Deere recently announced the launch of the new gas Gator XUV 845 and diesel Gator XUV 875 utility vehicles. These vehicles are designed to assist farmers and ranchers in improving productivity by handling a variety of tasks around the farm. The new John Deere Gator XUV 845 and John Deere Gator XUV 875 offer options for integrated precision ag technology, a larger, more versatile cargo box, and added comfort and convenience elements.

Enhanced Reliability

The Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 build on the trusted performance of previous John Deere Gator models, introducing several key improvements. Enhanced sound quality from a redesigned exhaust system ensures a quieter, more pleasant ride. The air intake has been elevated by 12 inches to access cleaner air, providing better protection for the engine. Additionally, the new CVT air intake and exhaust system filters out debris, water, and mud, contributing to the vehicle's durability.

Precision Agriculture Integration

Both the Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 can be equipped with GreenStar Ready technology from the factory. This allows for the easy addition of a StarFire receiver and universal display, complete with pre-installed brackets and wiring. The JDLink modem, included with the vehicles, facilitates integration with the John Deere Operations Center, enabling seamless data transfer for tasks like boundary mapping.

This advanced technology package simplifies the adoption of precision agriculture tools. Farmers can efficiently perform tasks such as boundary and field mapping, tile mapping, and more, using these nimble and cost-effective utility vehicles.

Unmatched Versatility

Versatility remains a hallmark of the Gator series. The new XUV 845 and XUV 875 feature a redesigned cargo box with 13% more space than previous models, setting a new standard for cargo capacity. This larger box allows for greater load management, reducing the number of trips required for hauling materials.

Key features of the new cargo box include:

  • Increased width for higher capacity and minimized mud sling
  • A 12V SAE power port for added convenience
  • Multiple divider slots to organize items securely
  • The capability to create a second level of storage
  • A redesigned tailgate with a flat work surface, built-in ruler, v-groove for cutting pipe, anti-gravity pockets, bump stops, and cup holders
  • Integrated clamping points to secure loads
  • Fold-flat tie-downs in strategic locations
  • Dedicated tie-down pockets for securing obstructive loads
  • Four stake pockets on each side to accommodate tools with stake pocket clamps
  • An optional utility rack for additional storage solutions

Transforming Farm Productivity

With their enhanced reliability, advanced technology, and versatile cargo capacity, the John Deere Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 are poised to become essential tools for modern farming operations. These utility vehicles are designed to streamline tasks and improve overall efficiency on the farm.

To learn more about the Gator XUV 845 and Gator XUV 875 utility vehicles, contact your local John Deere dealer