John Deere Introduces Updates to 6M Series Cab Tractors for 2020

Deere has updated the cab comforts for all 6M tractors, providing more visibility of machine functions.
Deere has updated the cab comforts for all 6M tractors, providing more visibility of machine functions.

John Deere has announced that for 2020, its lineup of 6M Tractors is being overhauled to feature more comfort, visibility, and maneuverability for its customers. The tractors, which are ideal for handling a variety of loader and PTO-driven operations, will also feature new technology that had not been previously offered on the line.

Deere has updated the cab comforts for all 6M tractors to include new styling and a digital corner post display. This provides more visibility of machine functions, boosting convenience and efficiency for operators. The 6110M and 6120M have also been redesigned with a 94.5-inch wheelbase that is 7 inches shorter with a sloped hood that provides and 18-foot front view distance.

"We've also improved ride quality on these two models, thanks to optional front-axle suspension and cab/loader suspension systems," said Lyle McMillan, marketing manager for John Deere 6 Family Tractors. "The 6110M and 6120M may be the most versatile haying, feeding and all-around chore tractors we have on the market, ideal for many different types of on-farm and off-farm chores, and these changes make them an even better fit."

Deere has added the 140-horsepower 6140M model to its lineup, as well. The small-frame 4-cylinder tractor features 12-horsepower Intelligent Power Management for extra power when needed. It also has a short 101.6-inch wheelbase for increased maneuverability in tight spaces.

"The 6M Tractors can be ordered with front hitch and PTO, which makes them much more versatile in operating equipment such as snow blowers, front-mounted mowers with rear side-pulls and other front-mounted and powered attachments customers may have," McMillan said. "All these new features and options, especially the PowrReverser on the loader joystick and integrated AutoTrac guidance, will be popular with many customers and help make the 6M Tractors the most advanced, productive and durable utility tractor in this category."

The 6M Series Tractors can be ordered now and will be available later in 2020. For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer or visit