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John Deere outlines farming technologies of the future

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

John Deere outlines farming technologies of the future
John Deere outlines farming technologies of the future

The biggest change that is expected to come out of agricultural equipment innovations is the technology that will help farmers improve overall efficiency and field productivity, Barry nelson, John Deere media relations manager, said in a statement.

Nelson recently made a statement in which he described his outlook for farm machinery improvements in 2013, and what could be next.

"There are three areas that every customer should ask their dealer about to make farm operations more efficient," Nelson said.

These areas include machine optimization, which helps machines improve their capacity and productivity.

"For example, GPS and AutoTrac assisted steering will reduce passes through the field, improve overall fuel economy, save horsepower, and increase overall comfort to the operator," he said.

Improved logistics operations are also expected to play a major role in equipment development, with producers taking control of growing fleets of tractors and operation consolidation increasing the size of companies manifold. Third, Nelson said, is telematics, which includes John Deere's JDLink technology.

JDLink Machine Monitoring gives farmers remote access to their assets, ensuring machines run optimally and go in for routine maintenance when needed.

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