John Deere Recognized Among 100 Best Global Brands

John Deere Ranked #85 Among The Worlds Most Trusted Brands
John Deere Ranked #85 Among The Worlds Most Trusted Brands
According to a John Deere press release, the company is moving up in rank on Interbrand’s 2012 “100 Best Global Brands Report,” which lists the top 100 brands in the world.

The John Deere Company has been meeting its customers’ agricultural needs for 175 years; in 2012, Deere experienced a 16 percent brand value increase. While the Deere Company was listed at number 97 in the 2011 rankings, it jumped to number 85 in 2012, a dramatic 12 spot increase. Deere is now out-ranking well-known companies such as Starbucks, MasterCard, Harley Davidson, and Ferrari.

Interbrand says of Deere, "The Moline, Illinois-based organization attributes its longevity to the fact that its core values (integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation) are central to the brand's corporate citizenship strategy and still vital among the 60,000 employees worldwide. The company remains ‘committed to those linked to the land’ by sponsoring agricultural development training programs in countries like Russia and Ukraine. This commitment and authenticity clearly resonate with the brand's core audience and beyond—as the ubiquitous John Deere cap can attest.”

These international efforts have assisted Deere in becoming a leading brand in the world. Agriculture & Turf Division President Mark von Pentz says of Deere, "The improvement in our Interbrand ranking recognizes the progress we have made in markets outside North America.”

The John Deere Company has emerged as a global leader throughout its 175 year existence. Its focus on providing agricultural equipment and supplies to its customers, across many generations, has assisted the company’s growth.