John Deere Releases New Commercial Walk-Behind Mower: Quik Trak™ 600

John Deere Quik Trak™ 600 Walk-Behind Mower
John Deere Quik Trak™ 600 Walk-Behind Mower

John Deere has announced the release of the new Quik Trak™ 600 Series Mowers in time for spring lawn care. According to Deere, this commercial walk-behind mower is one of a kind with its top-of-the-line features for every mowing job, angle, and grassy surface.

The Quik Trak™ 600 Series Mower is the best of both worlds: industry exclusive stand-on technology and John Deere’s guarantee of quality and durability. Deere has released both a B series and R series of the Quik Trak™ mower to fit every mowing need. In fact, the B series mower comes with a commercial 22.0 hp engine and a 7-gauge steel fixed deck; the Quik Trak™ 600 R series gives the option of a 22.0 hp engine or 23.5 hp engine, 48, 52, 61-in. 7-gauge steel fixed deck, and an adjustable height option that can be easily changed during mowing.

Commercial walk-behind mowers like the Quik Trak™ 600 provide “best in class” stability even when used on awkward surfaces or steep angles. Drivers of the Quik Trak™ 600 will have complete and effortless maneuvering control due to the excellent operator positioning, adjustable spring step, and angle pad.

The Quik Trak™ 600 promises to give a mowing experience much different from any other commercial walk-behind mower. To ensure user satisfaction with the Quik Trak™ 600, every mower comes complete with a two-year warranty and unlimited access to the expertise and support of any John Deere dealer.