John Deere Seeding Investment to Improve Manufacturing Processes

John Deere Seeding investments to improve manufacturing processes
John Deere Seeding investments to improve manufacturing processes
According to a release on the John Deere website, the company is planning to invest approximately $58 million to enhance operations at John Deere Seeding in Moline, IL, where the company’s planting equipment is manufactured.

A new factory master plan that targets enhancements in efficiency and quality, including a new paint system and increased use of automation and robotics, is expected to drive Deere products to an even higher level. John May, President, Agricultural Solutions, said, "This investment reflects the past success of John Deere Seeding and prepares the factory to further serve customers in the future. Deere continues to invest in facilities both in the U.S. and around the world to enhance our position as the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment."

John Deere has been manufacturing planting equipment since 1877 and continues to do so in the same Moline location today. These investments could dramatically increase production and the quality of products the factory produces. From John Deere’s Ag Management page, “Across the U.S. and Canada, more and more producers are using precision farming technologies in their operations, and John Deere continues to be at the forefront of this revolution. Our full range of products accommodates the diverse needs of growers today. So whether you want to gather information, reduce input and labor costs, increase efficiency, or better manage your land and water resources, turn to John Deere.”

The investments being dedicated to John Deere Seeding will further Deere’s success in the agricultural manufacturing industry. These enhancements in technology will allow the company to produce vehicles, tools, and attachments to assist farmers throughout the planting and harvesting process.