John Deere Unveils Frontier SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower

Snow removal is relatively easy for the SB12F.
Snow removal is relatively easy for the SB12F.

Customers with significant residential and commercial snow removal needs now have a new snow-clearing option: the John Deere Frontier SB12F Series Front-Mount Snowblower.

John Deere’s latest addition to its snow removal equipment lineup for compact utility tractors delivers heavy-duty power, increased clearing capacity, and excellent maneuverability. These cutting-edge features increase snow-clearing productivity, mitigating operator fatigue as a result.

The classic front-mount snowblower design makes it easier to maneuver in narrow spaces and control cutting speed while providing greater visibility of the cutting area. This enables operators to keep their attention focused forward, reducing physical strain. At the same time, equipment enhancements like extra-durable steel skid shoes and improved hydraulic rotation make the SB12F a best-in-class option for reliability and durability.

Snow removal is relatively easy for the SB12F. This front-mount snowblower can achieve superior performance thanks to:

  • A clearing capacity of 80 inches (203 centimeters) to get jobs done faster
  • A hydraulic chute that can rotate 245 degrees for precise snow placement to eliminate extra work
  • Adjustable and replaceable steel skid shoes to help prevent injury and damage from thrown objects

All of these features come standard with the SB12F base model. In addition, replaceable parts extend the snowblower’s life so customers can benefit from superior snow removal performance no matter what winter has in store.

“Our customers are always seeking tough and reliable solutions to clear even the most difficult snow during peak winter months,” said Mark Davey, go-to-market manager at John Deere. The new SB12F delivers on both fronts by pairing “a tried-and-true front-mount design with cutting-edge features to help clear snow in record time, keeping operators safer and more productive all season long.”

John Deere has the equipment to handle any snow removal job Mother Nature throws your way. Find front-mount snowblowers, utility tractors, and more at your local John Deer dealer.